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Chickita’s secret sauce recipes have been carefully developed to compliment our Flame Grilled Chicken and other specialty dishes. We are working with the local farmers across Asia sourcing the best and freshest ingredients.




It was like Love at first sight!

This was the 1st out of CHICKITA 8 signature sauces collection. “ORIGINAL” created in the founder’s home kitchen. It was very simple, like a trip to the local market finding the best Asian ingredients where lemongrass, lime leave and chillies become a star of the show for the Original CHICKITA.

The blend was to ensure all guests who tried this brought back all familiar memories of vibrant tropical grown ingredients.



Bring it on all over my flame grilled chicken!

Given that the base secret recipe of the signature CHICKITA sauce blend was ready, it was time to increase some heat into the next level flavor with small baby roasted red chillies from local farmers where added to give it a slight kick and balanced.

The Sexy CHICKITA is loved by everyone who has lived long enough to enjoy!



“My tongue is feeling the heat!”

During our sauce creations we felt that we needed a signature CHICKITA sauce with more chillies and different blends of spices which one would remember for its unique flavours.

The different blends of the ingredients in the Dynamite sauce soon became a perfect fit for customers who frequently eat spicy chillies with their meals.

Old Saigon


An old classic born in CHICKITA!

Vietnam is known for some of the best black pepper in the world, which is commonly used in most traditional dishes.

CHICKITA found that a special blend sauce with roasted peppers and slow cooked garlic aroma would perfectly match with our flame grilled chicken. As CHICKITA concept was created in Ho Chi Minh city, we wanted to bring a nice Saigon local touch!



“I’ve just landed in Heaven!”

CHICKITA presents tropical flavours with an explosive mouth-watering experience when one tries the Tropical Sauce on our signature Grilled Chicken.

The familiar balance between sweet, sour, peppery is familiar to our guests who only felt mangos where for DESSERTS only – CHICKITA team laughed and shared you need to try this one! Mangos are available right throughout the year in Vietnam and we want our guests to enjoy Summer yet fruit elements all through the year

Red Dragon


A blend of typical Asian flavours commonly used in everyday food. Chickita has created a unique vibrant blend of chilli’s, lime, natural spices and a touch of roasted nori seaweed from the sea.

Red Dragon’s unique flavours & textures perfectly fulfil our flame grilled experience not only over our chicken but other signature dishes.
Sweet & sour are common tastes in Asia, yet at Chickita we have twisted this combination to create a forget-me-not flavor for everyone especially with that unique addition of Nori seaweed.

Sweet Baby


“Sweet Baby” = “Sweet, sexy, ginger”

Who wouldn’t want to try this combination of chunky bits of Asian Love in our CHICKITA restaurants. Our customers say our Sweet baby is comfortable flavour yet familiar to all different palettes.

Sweet Baby is designed to be used with many signature CHICKITA dishes, whole chicken, wings, tenders & even a simple drizzle over our Secret spiced- fries adds another total unique difference. Sweet Baby – Oh Yeah!



The next new sauce of CHICKITA sauce series that we want to introduce is “Tamarita”. “Tamarita” inspired by the sour of tamarin mixed with pure high quality fish sauce, 10 other secret spices and yes, we did again, more dried red chillies.

Tamarita sauce became an interesting twist of blends and fits perfectly into CHICKITA’s 8 golden sauce collections. Welcome to our world of flavoursome fun sauce creations.

Lucky 8


An old classic born in CHICKITA!

8 secret ingredients are blended with a secret smoky natural organic pepper sourced from our local farmers. A multi-purposed sauce, perfect over flame-grilled chicken and many other grilled dishes.

We are super excited to have our new edition to our collection, bringing prosperity and success. The Lucky 8’s distinct flavours leaves curiosity of spices on the tongue with a forever lasting hint of chilli, which keeps on growing. It’s time to party with Lucky 8!

Retail Sauces

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