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Exploring the Nostalgia of Potong Ice Cream and Chickita’s Exclusive Dessert Creation

In the diverse culinary landscape of Malaysia, certain dishes and treats hold a special place in the hearts of its people. Among these beloved delights is “Potong”, a true icon of Malaysian street food and a reminder of childhood memories for many.

1. The Potong Ice Cream Story:

Potong Ice Cream, also known as “Ice Potong” or “Ice Cream Aiskrim Potong,” is an authentic Malaysian creation. The word “Potong” itself means “cut” in Malay, and this delightful frozen treat is exactly that – ice cream that’s been cut into delectable slices or blocks. What makes Potong Ice Cream unique is its traditional and refreshing flavors, often derived from tropical fruits like durian, red bean, and pandan, as well as other classic choices such as chocolate and vanilla.

Traditional Ice Potong

For generations, Malaysians have cherished the experience of indulging in a slice of Potong Ice Cream, especially on hot, sunny days. It’s not just about the taste; it’s about the nostalgia it brings, taking people back to simpler times when they’d eagerly chase down the ice cream vendor’s jingling bicycle bell.

2. Chickita’s Exclusive Dessert Creation in Malaysia:

As the culinary landscape evolves and boutique ice cream shops become a rising trend, Chickita embraces this wave while paying homage to Malaysian heritage. We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive dessert creation inspired by the iconic Potong Ice Cream. It’s a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation, combining the local touch of Potong with Chickita’s unique twist.

Chickita Potong Creations

Our Potong Dessert Creation captures the essence of classic Malaysian flavors and the nostalgia that comes with them. From corn to redbean and to cendal flavor, we’ve carefully crafted this dessert to evoke memories of childhood and deliver a taste of tradition with a modern twist, dipped it in a special smoothies.

At Chickita, we’re all about celebrating local culture and creating culinary experiences that resonate with our guests. Just as Potong Ice Cream holds a special place in the hearts of Malaysians, our Potong-inspired dessert is sure to create new memories and warm the hearts of all who savor it.

In the ever-evolving world of boutique ice cream and dessert creations, we believe that embracing our roots and the flavors that define our culture is essential. Chickita’s Potong Dessert Creation is our way of sharing a piece of our local heritage while looking forward to a future filled with delicious surprises.


Stay tuned for the official launch of Chickita’s Potong-inspired dessert, exclusively available at Chickita Malaysia. Let’s celebrate the past, savor the present, and look ahead to many more sweet memories together. 🍦🇲🇾✨

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